Vikki and Sean are such an adorable couple! Our team can’t wait to celebrate with them next September. In the meantime, here is a little insight into their love story…

After meeting five years ago at a bowling alley in Schenectady, where the two instantly clicked. Vikki and Sean talked until closing time, laughed until they cried, and got the lowest scores in the history of bowling. A firm believer in fate, it was that night Vikki knew Sean was someone special and always would be in her life.

Starting out as friends,  Sean would head over to Vikki’s and fix things in the house, mow the lawn, and do little things that made her heart melt! While he was being Mr fix-it, she was inside cooking, making sure he had water, and wondering why she was so nervous if they were just friends. A few months after that, Sean let Vikki know he had feelings for her, and the rest was history!  The couple recently purchased their first home together in New York.
Sean proposed in June of last year in Woods Hole, cape cod at their favorite bed and breakfast. It was sunset, on the balcony looking out at the beach and the boats A quick trip inside for Sean resulted in Vikki turning around to their song playing with Sean was on one knee with a little box smiling. Of course, the answer was YES! Passerby’s on the street heard and they started clapping.
In Vikki’s words, “It was the best day of my life and I know wherever our next adventure brings us, we’ll still be that couple that are best friends and crazy in love!”
Congrats you two!














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