Dave, Sean, & Katie talk Weddings in a Pandemic.


COVID Options w/ Bigler

“Everyone has been affected by COVID 19 and it sucks.  You have been planning your wedding for years and now you are being forced to either change the plans for what that day is going to look like or move the date of the event altogether and simply put… that sucks.  Here at Bigler, our world has been turned upside down, but we (like you) have adapted and are making the best of it.  Our doors are still open and we are still having a BLAST with our couples!  The KEY thing (for everyone) is your attitude.  No one chose this, but we all must adapt and deal with it.

The purpose of this web page is to layout for you all the options as they pertain to your day and your contract with Bigler.  Every situation is unique and we will do what we can to work with the two of you to make your day phenomenal! If you have any questions at all, PLEASE reach out!  Pick up the phone and call me or just shoot me a text.  I want to make your day an awesome one and I will do whatever I can to make that happen!  – Dave


So here are your potential options:

If you are adamant about having your wedding day be exactly how you want it (with all the guests you want to have, zero restrictions and no masks) then this would be the best option for you.  If you want to go this route there are a few things to consider:

  1. Communicate.  Text or email with Dave coordinating potential dates (do not simply move the date with the venue and then ask if we are available as we may not be).
  2. Change of date fee.  Per the “Client Change of Event Date” clause in your Bigler contract, you are allowed to change your wedding date to another date which we have available, but you are responsible for a fee.  If you choose to move your wedding within 6 months of the original event date, the fee is $1,000.  If you choose to move 6-9 months before the original date the fee is $500.  Note: the fee is based on when you decide, not when you move it too.  This is all based on how much time we have to re-book the lost date.  Adaptation to the contract: Rather than just have you pay a flat fee without any benefit, we are adapting this rule to allow you to use the $1,000 or $500 towards either an Album or additional time added to your contract.  This way your money is going to an added benefit to your day while still giving Bigler the needed revenue. 
  3. Updated Contract.  To officially lock in your new date you will need to sign an amendment to your contract (which Dave will create for you) that adds the new date onto your contract.


You want to still have the reception that you dreamed of, with all your friends and family around you BUT, you do not want to wait to be married.  So with this option, you do an intimate ceremony on your original planned date (whatever COVID restrictions allow you to do, 2 people, 12 people, 50 people etc).  Then you want to postpone the celebration until a time in which you are able to have the party you want to have.  Things to consider with this option.

  1. Communicate.  Be in communication with Dave about what you are thinking you want to do.  If you are postponing the reception you need to make sure to work with Dave to make sure the Bigler team is available on the same dates as the venue.  Some couples have gone down this route with an open-ended date, not knowing when they will have it.  If you go this route, just make sure to coordinate with Dave for when you do have the party.
  2. Change of date fee.  This fee does still apply (in a way), but you can just apply the fee as a credit towards your ceremony only coverage ($1,000 change of date within 6 months of the original date, $500 6-9 months from original date).  You can work with Dave directly for coverage of your ceremony.
  3. Updated Contract.  To officially firm things up you will need to sign an amended contract (which Dave will create).  This will lock us in for ceremony coverage on the original date and will transition your contracted package as a credit for the future event date.


In 2020 we have seen some AMAZING intimate weddings.  Dave has had personal post-wedding conversations with every couple and 100% of the couples that made the decision to keep their dates and just adapt to the rules of the day we’re so glad that they did.  You can still have the wedding of your dreams, just be a little flexible and work with your venue and your vendors to adapt what that looks like!

  1. Communicate.  Be in communication with Dave leading up to the wedding to talk about how you might need to adapt the timeline or the locations to accommodate changing restrictions.  You have Dave’s cell, feel free to use it.
  2. No Change of date fee!
  3. No Updated Contract!

In your married life, you are going to get tossed curve balls all the time, (in general) happy couples are those that adapt and together roll with the punches; making the most of whatever hand they are dealt.  – I am sure you can tell Dave’s personal preference at this point!


This is the least favorite option for us out of any of them, not because of the lost revenue, but honestly, because we are no longer a part of your celebration.  There are two options when it comes to canceling your event.

  1. Force Majeure.    Within your contract is the Force Majeure clause.  This says that you are canceling the event, without choice, due to something that is out of your control.  We had some events in April and May of 2020 that qualified for this as the couples were not able to get married on their original dates.  Thankfully all those couples just rescheduled their events.  You are able to take advantage of this clause if you are forced not to have your event on your contracted date.  If you can still have the event, just with fewer people, then the Force Majeure does not apply.  If utilizing the Force Majeure you are eligible to be refunded 50% of the money you have paid, less the deposit.  Take a look at your invoice, or simply reach out to Dave to determine how much this is.  Dave will issue the refund within 30 days of formal notification of the cancellation of the event.
  2. Voluntary Cancellation.  This is your choice, but we really hope you do not go down this road.  But if you decide you want to just elope and be done with COVID restrictions, I totally get that.  Per the contract, you will be refunded based on how far in advance you cancel.  The deposit is non-refundable and depending on when you cancel the amount you get back will vary.  Check your contract for the exact amount based on how far away your event is.


Together, we can adapt and ensure that you still have a PHENOMENAL Wedding day!  If you have any questions, are feeling stressed, or just want to vent, please feel free to give me a call on my cell, happy to chat!  – Dave