Bigler Wedding Films is now: Rosewick Wedding Films!


Who/what is Rosewick Wedding Films?
Rosewick is a new company created on the Bigler Wedding Films foundation by two former Bigler employees, Jake Ritz & Juan Soler:

Jake Ritz – Owner, Film Maker, Editor
Jake started with Bigler as an intern and was quickly hired as a full-time videographer/editor.  Within a year he was leading the commercial video side of Bigler while still joining most weddings as a lead or 2nd videographer.  In the spring of 2020 Jake purchased the commercial video side of Bigler and started his own commercial video business (IronGlass Productions).  Through the tumultuous 2020 wedding season, Jake was the lead wedding videographer for Bigler. Then in the spring of 2021, Jake purchased the wedding video side of Bigler and started Rosewick Wedding Films.

Juan Soler – Director of Operations, Film Maker & Editor
Juan joined Bigler May of 2016 and was quickly put in charge of the wedding video side of the business.  2018 Bigler wedding edits were divided between Juan and Jake to oversee.  2019 and 2020 all Bigler wedding edits were exclusively managed by Juan.


Why the change?
“I have always had a passion for both photo and video, but without a doubt, my love has been and will always be found in Photography.  As a result, no matter how good my video team was, they were always limited with me at the helm.  It was clear to me that both Jake and Juan had the passion, the skill, and the ability to take the video that Bigler produced to the next level without me in the way.  The other perk, this allows me to focus more of my energy on that which I truly love and am passionate about, our photography.” – Dave Bigler


I booked Bigler for my video, what happens now?
Nothing changes.  Your contract still stands, financials remain the same.  Details:

If you booked a combo (photo & video): Dave will still be your main point of contact, and the lead on the day of.  Rosewick will continue the Bigler expectation of being silent and unnoticed.  The ONLY difference is that after the wedding you will get an email from Juan when the first draft of your wedding is ready to be reviewed.  If you would like to have a call with your videographer a few weeks before the wedding to chat through your vision that is always an option you have (though that is not something most couples find the need for). 

If you booked video (w/o photo): Nothing really changes.  Dave will still be at your disposal to help with any planning that is needed.  As usual, Dave will connect you with your videographer well before the wedding, sharing the Google Doc and the timeline that you and Dave have worked out.  You will then have a final phone call with your videographer a few weeks before the wedding (just like you would have under Bigler).  The only difference, after the wedding it will be Juan who will reach out to share the first draft of your wedding film for your approval.  


Is Bigler going to still be selling video?
Bigler has worked out a trade deal with Rosewick so that if you book both, you get 10% off both services.  If you book Bigler for photo and then book Rosewick to do your video then you get 10% off your photography package and then 10% off whatever video package you book with Rosewick.  This is the same discount that was always there when you booked a combo under Bigler.  The only difference is that 100% of the video money will be going directly into the hands of the videographers (Rosewick).


If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out to either:


Dave Bigler 518.290.0816


Jake Ritz 518.312.1975